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Buying Beast was created by e-Commece Experts to empower today's Entrepreneurs

Buying Beast was created by e-Commece Experts to empower today's Entrepreneurs
We focus on established software companies and positive cash flowing e-commerce brands.
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Buying Beast is a global online marketplace where individuals & business owners buy/sell websites, online businesses and other digital real estate.

Seamless Negotiation Flow

At Buying Beast, we make the process super easy by connecting you with these sellers and streamlining the negotiation and transaction.

Countless Opportunities

Buying Beast offer countless possibilities and connections that you won't find anywhere else on the internet.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Buying Beast pricing process is free and without any obligation. It is an opportunity to discover what your business is worth.

You can get an offer as soon as tomorrow. You’ll choose how quickly you want to close and when you want to receive your first payment.

To get started, you’ll need to submit your business to Buying Beast. The process involves a few questions to pre-screen your business. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

Our in-house team operates each business, continues to deliver the phenomenal experience your customers expect, and explores new opportunities for growth. Our aim is to unlock new heights for our family of brands and turn them into beloved household names.

As founders and builders ourselves, we empathize with the love and tenacity you poured into making your business what it is today. When you sell your business to us, you’re trusting us to steward and nurture it. We take that responsibility seriously.

The best way to find out is to try out Buying Beast’s pricing process! It only takes a few minutes, and there’s no obligation if you receive an offer.

Because of our streamlined approach to pricing, we build offers and evaluate fit in parallel. While we do our best to pre-screen businesses, we can’t finish the screening process until our forecasts are complete. If your business makes the majority of its sales from its e-commerce website, it may be a fit for OpenStore. Even if your business is not a fit for OpenStore today, our acquisition criteria evolves as we continually expand our engine’s capabilities, so please stay in touch.

Buying Beast’s engine uses the info you provide to pull the insights it needs directly from the source, accurately analyze different cohorts of data and build key business forecasts. This allows us to present rigorous offers with more precision than a simple revenue or cash flow multiple.

Buying Beast’s engine uses your data to pull the insights it needs in order to accurately analyze different cohorts of data, build its forecasts, and evaluate your business. OpenStore does not sell your data.

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“Buying Beast called me with an opportunity to purchase my Shopify store, after sending my data, I had an offer within two days. We closed in 34 days. Extremely easy to work with!”

Jennifer Hart

“Contacted Buying Beast to find a portfolio of stores to purchase. Their due diligence is top notch. Very pleased with the process.”

Sean Edwards

“Fast process, easy to work with, gave recommendations for future growth. Will use Buying Beast again!”

Christopher Adamson

“I’ve worked with the guys at Buying Beast in a few different ways. These guys know how to scale, they are so well connected in the E-Commerce space it’s worth the call to connect.”

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